2019 Annual Report

Executive Summary

Our Mission
We improve patient well-being through the exemplary education of health care professionals across New England. With a commitment to quality, safety, innovation and accreditation, we integrate evidence-based and learner-centric strategies into continuing, interprofessional, and competency-based education.

The Center for Learning and Professional Development (CLPD) was created to take advantage of shared resources, systems, learning technology, learning consulting, and accreditation to align health professions education functions, people, and processes. Our team designs and implements learning opportunities and training programs that serves the needs of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health through five primary areas: Graduate Medical Education (GME), Continuing Nursing Education (CNE), Continuing Medical Education (CME), Simulation-Based Education and Research (SBER), and the Learning Technology Team (LTT).

CLPD programs are recognized and accredited through a variety of professional organizations including the American Nurses Credentialing Center (CNE), the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (CME), the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (GME), and the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SBER). We are fortunate to have received Accreditation with Commendation for CME and for Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital for GME.

Recent highlights include, the 10th anniversary of the Patient Safety Training Center, the 44th year of CME, and nearly 70 years of training residents and fellows.


The Center for Learning and Professional Development has engaged in and completed many projects over the past year designed to broaden our impact with our learners and improve the quality of our programs. The list below highlights some of these accomplishments within the themes of Design and Delivery, Quality and Continuous Improvement, and Recruitment, Retention, and Workforce Development.


  • Of the 52 training programs, the ACGME awarded five new ones Initial Accreditation status this year. Two residencies: Ophthalmology and Radiation Oncology. Additionally, three fellowship programs: Regional Anesthesiology and Acute Pain Medicine, Independent Vascular Interventional Radiology, and Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery.
  • Implemented a digital process to manage and update Maintenance of Certification credits to the ACCME on behalf of physicians for their certifying specialty boards (American Boards of Internal Medicine – 4 series, Pathology – 2 series, and Pediatrics – 1 series)
  • Designed and produced a digital orientation experience for Simulation Center learners and instructors in conjunction with a redesign of the Teaching with Simulation Module for Educators
  • Re-architected and produced a new Sim Center web site improving digital communications and opportunities for community and development engagement
  • 12,125 learners completed a LTT-developed digital learning experience that was delivered via LMS

Number of CME and/or CNE Accredited Activities
Offered in FY19

Live Activities
Enduring Materials

Number of Participants in CME and/or CNE
Accredited Activities in FY19


  • 41,723 mobile and electronic sign ins for FY19 learning activities
  • Project completed to calculate the cost per hour to DH-H for digital learning design and development services
  • Initiated the Evaluation process using a standard evidence-informed, valid and reliable tool for simulation-based education.
  • Completed the redesign of the Billing process for SBER users external to D-H with updated calculations based on cost.
  • Completed a full review and revision of all SBER policies and procedures
  • Implemented a SBER Quality Management Committee Process
  • Board pass rates remain strong with 95% trainees passing on their first attempt.

Residents/Fellows That Rated Their Overall Program
as Positive/Very Positive for FY19

Positive/Very Positive

Data  from the 2019 ACGME Resident Survey

ACGME Accreditation with Commendation

MHMH and 41 training programs received Continued Accreditation with Commendation from the ACGME during the most recent accreditation cycle, for their substantial compliance with ACGME standards, without any citations.


  • All 19 residency training programs filled in the 2019 match.
  • For three years running, over 95% of graduating residents/fellows feel prepared for the next step in their careers.
  • 17% of 2019 residents/fellow graduates will work at D-HH or a member hospital post-graduation
  • Scholarly activity amongst residents/fellows rose by 9% over the previous academic year from 1008 activities to 1104.
  • GME has attracted trainees from 21 countries around the world and is one of the most diverse populations within Dartmouth-Hitchcock.
Graduating Residents/Fellows that Feel Prepared for Next Career Steps:95%


As we look to the future, the Center for Learning and Professional Development has been actively working on a number of initiatives for FY 20 that build upon the accomplishments of FY 19. The list below follows the same set of themes and highlights some of these initiatives.


  • Redesign and development of a digital learning experience to address education needs around early sepsis detection and treatment
  • The GME Curriculum Subcommittee, in partnership with the CLPD Learning Technology team, continues its work to launch the “Teaching, Learning, Coaching” curriculum for D-H residents/fellows.

  • Expand programming and access to CLPD resources and training for Community Group Practices to include simulation-based education, nursing education, and continuing medical education opportunities.
  • Expand capacity to incorporate increasing training needs from Colby-Sawyer College Nursing Program, Franklin Pierce University’s new Master’s in Nursing Program, community group practices, and D-H Lebanon’s expanding nursing staff.
  • NCEC will continue to develop and expand the number of new Nurse Planners to facilitate the planning and implementation of accredited nursing education activities.
  • Ongoing development and consultation on the Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) project for provider privileging in US applications
  • Continue to increase the number of NH DEA License-conformant Opioid Education Activities offered by CLPD.
  • The Grimshaw-Gudewicz Charitable Foundation (GGCF) continues to provide generous annual grant support for FY20 for continuing education and continuing professional development activities for health care professionals, public health education, and science education activities.
  • Complete redesign of Teaching with Simulation Instructor’s Course to incorporate more didactics in modular form prior to the hands-on course sessions.
  • Continue to increase the number of Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention learning activities offered by CLPD.


  • A CLPD team is assisting residency/fellowship programs who are migrating to Milestones 2.0, a set of revised learning trajectories which ACGME accredited training programs use to provide added guidance to help ensure all graduating residents/fellows have achieved a high level of competence in six key clinical domains.
  • D-H ACGME accredited GME programs have begun participating in the newly revised, and launched, 10 year accreditation site visits. With two complete, we expect to have an additional two visits in the fall of 2019 with many more to come in the future.


  • Implement simulated medications to replace outdated and real medications for all ACLS, PALS and training involving use of the Code Cart.
  • Pilot for Resuscitation Quality Improvement program in Fall of 2019 in preparation for moving Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health System to quarterly ongoing BLS certification for staff.


  • CLPD engages in ongoing wellness initiatives including the creation of a well-being library for health care professionals that aggregates accredited education and other resources, Resident and Fellow Appreciation Week activities, and an anonymous well-being index online assessment tool.
  • The Center for Learning and Professional Development administrative team members (leaders and staff) come together annually to work on team and personal/professional development to build connections, dynamic teams, a positive culture, and highly engaged workforce with a focus on individual/team well-being.


We hope that the accomplishments highlighted in this FY 19 Annual Report have helped to underscore the variety of impacts CLPD is able to make with health care professionals in our organization and throughout New England. As we move forward with our new and ongoing initiatives for FY 20, we intend to broaden those impacts even further and develop the educational resources to help Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health continue to meet its mission to provide the highest quality health care possible. Our FY20 strategic goals are:

  • Engage Learning Strategy Consultant to assist with conducting environmental scan, evaluate resulting information, and make recommendations for future planning and development of learning measurement framework by August 2020.
  • Establish an interprofessional education (IPE) learning community to increase the number of IPE-accredited and simulation activities
  • 100% of employees have a career development goal signed off by supervisor by December 31st

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For questions, please call (603) 653-1234 or email clpd.support@hitchcock.org.