2020 Annual Report


Executive Summary

Our Mission
We improve patient and learner well-being through the education of healthcare professionals. With a commitment to equity, diversity, quality, safety, and accreditation, we strive for innovation in the application of evidence-based and learner-centric strategies for continuing, interprofessional education and professional development.

The Center for Learning and Professional Development (CLPD) has had a year of successes and growth in the face of incredible challenges. Like last year’s inaugural Annual Report, this one will highlight several areas of achievement and new initiatives currently underway. And since the COVID-19 pandemic has caused all of us to rethink how clinical education must be delivered and has led to creative solutions and innovative approaches to education across D-HH, you will also see in this year’s report a special section dedicated to COVID-19 specific achievements and ongoing initiatives.

While it cannot possibly encompass everything from 2020, the report which follows highlights many aspects of this year’s successes and illustrates the hard work and dedication of the CLPD Team.


The Center for Learning and Professional Development has engaged in and completed many projects over the past year designed to broaden our impact with our learners and improve the quality of our programs. The list below highlights some of these accomplishments within the themes of Design and Delivery, Quality and Continuous Improvement, and Recruitment, Retention, and Workforce Development.



  • The GMEC Curriculum Subcommittee, in partnership with the Learning Design and Systems (LDaS) Team, designed a module on Creating a Psychologically Safe and Inclusive Learning Environment, which is the third module in a series of four Teaching, Learning, Coaching modules.TLC Module 3
  • The Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) teams launched a learning library with resources for Diveristy, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.
  • The CNE team presented the D-H experience on the advancement of a new role in Nursing Professional Development at a national quarterly webinar for ANPD members.CNE Team

Number of CME and/or CNE Accredited Activities
Offered in FY20

Live Activities
Enduring Materials

CNE Conference

  • 226 Learners – Nursing Activities (Certification Preparation) FY20
  • 125 CME RSS Sessions with MOC Part 2 Credits for 836 Participants FY20
  • 2886 Participants in 11 NH DEA License-conformant Opioid Education Activities FY20


  • MHMH and 35 Graduate Medical Education (GME) training programs received Continued Accreditation with Commendation from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) during the most recent accreditation cycle, for their substantial compliance with ACGME standards, without citations.
    Urology Residents
  • In partnership with the Associate Resident Council (ARC), GME developed a resident-specific lactation space. The accessible space is private, conveniently located near the clinical work areas and includes medical grade pumps, two computer work stations and refrigeration.
  • CLPD researched and revised the CME/CNE Activity Evaluation Form to include questions related to interprofessional education.
  • LDaS designed, tested and rolled out a digitally-automated Program Letter of Agreement module within the MedHub residency management system.Medhub PLA
  • In 2020, an all time high number of trainees (99%) indicated they are confident that their reporting of patient safety issues would be free from academic repercussions.

Board pass rates for D-H GME trainees
remain strong with 94% passing
on their first attempt.

Passed on 1st Attempt

LDaS Onboards Two New Learning Experience Designers

The Learning Design and Systems (LDaS) team partnered with Organizational and Employee Development and the Value Institute to onboard two new Learning Experience Designers (LXD). Their addition will centralize and optimize learning functions by aligning systems, best practices and expertise across the divisions. The new LXDs report into LDaS yet are funded by their respective departments.

Michelle Spotts and Matt Hasselton


  • All 22 GME residency training programs were filled in the 2020 match process.
  • Team members across CLPD participated in a half-day training on Social and Emotional Intelligence in the fall of 2019.
  • The GME Virtualization of Interviewing Project, a collaboration between GME and LDaS, produced  and updated 45 GME program residency and fellowship websites. This included production of 64 videos and over a hundred webpages.
  • In conjunction with the D-H Workforce Readiness Institute and Colby-Sawyer College, LDaS designed and developed a career path decision support tool.
  • Approximately 40% of eligible GME Program Coordinators are Training Administrators of Graduate Medical Education (TAGME) Certified.

Hand Shake

Residents/Fellows that Feel Prepared for Next Steps in their Career:99%
2020 GME Grads Entering Practice Whom Will Work at D-HH locations: 22%
Highlighted CLPD Promotions and New Team Members

Dwayna Covey

Dwayna Covey was named Vice President of the Center for Learning and Professional Development as well as the Title IX Officer for Dartmouth-Hitchcock.

Matt Charnetski

CLPD welcomed Matt Charnetski as the new Director for Simulation-Based Education and Research (SBER) in December of 2019.

Cara DeLura

Cara DeLura was promoted to Director of Learning Design and Systems.

Colin Treem

Colin Treem was promoted to the newly developed role as Manager of the Life Support Program.



COVID-19 has been an unprecedented challenge for everyone in 2020. The following highlights some of the impacts the pandemic has had on the work of CLPD.

CLPD with Masks


  • SBER staff and others from CLPD managed and staffed a sweeping PPE training effort during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemicPPE Training
    Staff Trained in PPE (Approx. Mid March to Mid May)
  • 98% of residents/fellows completed PPE training by the end of April 2020.
  • SBER conducted 404 hours of additional trainings to prepare staff in the development of new protocols for equipment and procedures necessary for the COVID-19 response.
  • SBER conducted 1,987 training sessions (totaling 12,569 hours) in FY20* [*307 Cancelled training sessions (totaling 2,513 total hours ) due to COVID-19 response].
  • Since early April, CNE/CME activities have been redesigned and rescheduled to virtual programming; in either synchronous and/or asynchronous formats.
  • GME has partnered with the LDaS and Marketing and Communications teams to assist training programs in transitioning to a completely virtual recruitment process. This includes the creation of interview-specific websites, welcome videos and several newly produced sizzle reels that depict the D-H and Upper Valley community as a great place to live and work.
    View the Sizzle Reels:

    Living in the Upper Valley Video
    Working at D-HH
    D-H Tour

  • SBER is currently working to develop new standards for training to safely engage in simulations while social distancing. This includes reevaluating current practices in technology and training for our Standardized Patient Program.
    Standardized Patient
  • Successfully transitioned CLPD staff to telecommuting while navigating technology/resource gaps and employee well-beingRemote Work
  • A Workforce Reassignment Team was tasked with creating workflow and processes for potential redeployment of residents/fellows. It was comprised of key stakeholders and GME office staff. In the end, due to low COVID census, cross-coverage was limited to a few overnights.
  • Residency/Fellowship training programs created new work from home rotations while still providing patient care and participating in educational didactics.
  • 2020 GME orientation was transitioned from in-person to a virtual format. Incoming trainees were provided educational materials via a self-paced module, and training sessions were done via Webex.
  • GME’s Associate DIO and Accreditation Specialist now represent CLPD on the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Deployment Team.
  • The CME team implemented the ACCME streamlined application process for just-in-time COVID-19 activities.

CME Accredited COVID Education (Since March 2020)

  • Live Activities
  • Regularly Scheduled Series
  • MOC Projects
  • GME provided Resident/Fellow support including: extra food, hand-written notes of encouragement posted in common areas, bottles of hand sanitizer made by a local distillery, thermometers for individuals placed on quarantine.
    Resident Lunch
  • GME had to cancel all elective away rotations outside of the NH/VT region for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic year and generated guidelines for external rotations outside of the NH/VT region for the 2020-2021 academic year.


As we look to the future, the Center for Learning and Professional Development has been actively working on a number of initiatives for FY21 that build upon the accomplishments of FY20. The list below follows the same set of themes and highlights some of these initiatives.



  • CNE actively engaged in the Workforce Readiness Team in the development of the Practical Nursing Program at River Valley Community College.Nursing Student
  • SBER is developing a new model for delivery of simulation-based education to academic partners which allows for nursing students to stay on their own campuses where equipment and staff travel to them.
  • In order to increase the number of interprofessional continuing education (IPCE) learning activities, CLPD has been engaging  around an institutional strategic goal to establish an IPCE learning community.



  • GME’s Learning Environment Subcommittee is leading a project to understand and improve inpatient resident/nursing communications at D-H.
  • SBER is currently developing an online orientation for learners regarding the after hours use of the Skills and Task Labs to replace in-person scheduled sessions for orientation.
  • A learning strategy design project was launched in March after funding was approved for a partnership with the Brandon-Hall Group.
  • CLPD leadership is represented in the D-H Remote Work Taskforce Technology and Leadership Readiness Subcommittees which are working to analyze, create, resource and provide tools and recommendations for leaders and staff as we move to a new phase – remote work by design.


  • In December 2019, the Well-Being Index© went live, providing residents and fellows with a 100% anonymous, online self-assessment tool that provides immediate individualized feedback; including local and national resources to address well-being.
  • CLPD has begun researching implications and benefits of seeking Joint Accreditation (Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy).
  • GME is actively engaged in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB). This year we have hosted several workshops for all of our Program Directors, GME and CLPD leadership and have formed a DEIB subcommittee.
  • Several members of the SBER staff have joined the D-H Sepsis committee which is charged with improving outcomes across the D-HH system.
  • CME piloted their first day long conference to offer Medical Knowledge MOC points in the American Board of Internal Medicine’s (ABIM) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program.
  • A CLPD team has launched a Greenbelt process improvement project to assist residency/fellowship programs with migrating to Milestones 2.0; a set of revised learning trajectories for ACGME accredited training programs.


  • The Director of CNE has been actively involved in developing the D-HH/Colby-Sawyer College (CSC) relationship in order to support the advancement and promotion of undergraduate and graduate nursing education at D-H.

    Colby-Sawyer College
    Colby-Sawyer College
  • In 2020 the Director of CNE has met with over 240 D-HH employees who are interested in pursuing a nursing degree or studying toward an advanced degree in nursing.
  • GME has launched a multi-faceted marketing campaign to educate the D-H community regarding the role of GME trainees as a part of the healthcare team.
    Patient Care
  • SBER is currently developing an initiative titled “Professional Development Days” that encourages staff to develop weekly lunch and learns in order to share knowledge of simulation operations and best practices.


With a focus on meeting the needs of current and future professionals, CLPD has been at the forefront of preparing our community to engage with the “new normal”; serving our patients and each other. We are proud of the work we have done and the outcomes achieved this year despite the challenges. CLPD is well positioned to forge ahead into another year and continue to prepare D-HH for the future of health care delivery.

For more information, please email clpd.support@hitchcock.org or visit our websites: