2021 Annual Report

2021 CLPD Annual Report

Executive Summary

Our Mission
We improve patient and learner well-being through the education of healthcare professionals. With a commitment to equity, diversity, quality, safety, and accreditation, we strive for innovation in the application of evidence-based and learner-centric strategies for continuing, interprofessional education and professional development.

About us 
CLPD Team StructureThe Center for Learning and Professional Development (CLPD) offers diverse and innovative learning opportunities to enable health care professionals to maintain and improve their knowledge, skills, and behaviors. CLPD is comprised of 7 teams: Graduate Medical Education (GME), Continuing Medical Education (CME), Continuing Nursing Education (CNE), Simulation-based Education and Research (SBER), Learning Design and Systems (LDaS), Colby-Sawyer College Enhanced Partnership (CSCEP) and Advanced Practice Providers (APP).

2021 Summary
It has been another successful year of growth and meeting our mission even in the face of the continuing pandemic. This year we have added many new faces and provided new roles for our existing team members. In spite of the many challenges that this year has brought, you will once again see that there continued to be technological and pedagogical advances and more projects in progress. CLPD continues to expand its capabilities and we look forward to another successful year.


The Center for Learning and Professional Development has engaged in and completed many projects over the past year designed to broaden our impact with our learners and improve the quality of our programs. The list below highlights some of these accomplishments within the themes of Design and Delivery, Quality and Continuous Improvement, and Recruitment, Retention, and Workforce Development.

Kelly and Melinda


  • Launched the first D-H internal only podcast called Antibiotry to teach internal medicine residents and hospitalists about anti-biotic stewardship.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock employees can access and subscribe to The Antibiotry Podcast through Kaltura.

  • In collaboration with the NH Nurses Association, D-H provided a Nursing Grand Rounds series session on Leadership and Advocacy, featuring the American Nurses Association President, Ernest Grant, PhD, RN, FAAN.
  • Phase I of the Teaching With Simulation Instructor Course redesign has been completed. Module design was distributed to different staff members to increase efficiency and engagement.

PSTC Constructs Mock Helicopter

SIM HelicopterPSTC operations staff conceptualized and constructed a mock helicopter that can be deployed in any of the simulation spaces. This allows for the iterative practice of some of the unique constraints related to flight medicine.

  • This year SBER and PSTC staff delivered a number of conference presentations with topics including simulation of critical care scenarios, construction of the portable helicopter, cultural considerations in simulation, developing simulation research operations skills, and professional development in simulation operations.
  • The GMEC added a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Subcommittee whose goal is to analyze current state of GME diversity data, in addition to developing a structure of support for our diverse trainees. This includes refining the reporting structure for mistreatment, and affinity groups, as well as collaboration with D-HH, Geisel and Dartmouth College to address gaps in diversity.

Number of CME and/or CNE Activity Participations FY21

Live Activities
Enduring Materials

Participants in NH DEA License-conformant
Opioid Education Activities FY21



  • Developed a resource page for Interprofessional Continuing Education (IPCE) that includes key definitions, an example of one successful IPCE learning activity and other related resources.
  • Successfully piloted a diabetes management microlearning program leading to a proficiency increase of 32% across small populations of nurses, physicians, APPs and pharmacists. This resulted in a long-term contract for the microlearning platform Qstream.
  • To respond to the challenges of the pandemic, PSTC operations staff simplified the equipment we use for in situ trainings to allow for clinical staff to setup and operate the equipment on their own for some of the simpler trainings. Additional equipment was also purchased to allow more units to borrow it at any given time.
  • MHMH and 34 Graduate Medical Education training programs received Continued Accreditation with Commendation from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) during the most recent accreditation cycle, for their substantial compliance with ACGME standards, without citations.

Board pass rates for D-H GME trainees
remain strong with 93% passing
on their first attempt.

Passed on 1st Attempt

Launched C. Diff Testing App

C. DiffDeveloped a C. Diff testing app for nurses and physicians to utilize when deciding if patients should be tested for C. Diff within the first 48 hours of admittance. In conjunction a C. Diff “toolkit” was launched on the D-HH Lebanon Intranet. Early outcomes data has shown an overall increase of identified community-acquired C-diff due to more appropriate testing within 48 hours of admission.



  • 47 out of 52 Residency and Fellowship programs fully matched for 2021/2022.
  • In recruiting medical students for the 2021-22 academic year LDaS produced 67 videos and 36 residency and fellowship program websites
  • There was an expanded applicant pool with virtual interviewing and a 16% average increase of applications for those programs participating in The Match.

Programs Satisfied/Very Satisfied
with 2020/2021
Virtual Recruiting

Satisfied/Very Satisfied

  • SBER and PSTC staff submitted content to various simulation publications and were even invited to contribute to chapters of the second edition of Defining Excellence in Simulation Programs.
  • CSCEP developed a new Accelerated BS in Nursing program that launched in Fall 2021 with a cohort of 24 students. Funds from the G-G were used to provide scholarships to 5 D-HH employees who will be going through this program.
  • CSCEP has recruited 114 new nursing students to the College through the traditional and accelerated BS in Nursing program
  • CSCEP collaborated with D-H’s Workforce Readiness Institute to launch an associate of health sciences program to allow medical assistants, pharmacy technicians, and surgical technologists the opportunity for a degree pathway.

Highlighted CLPD Promotions and New Team Members

Chelsea Nolan

Chelsea Nolan was promoted to Director of Operations for Graduate Medical Education

Highlighted CLPD Promotions and New Team Members

Max Vergo

Max Vergo, MD, FAAHPM, named Medical Director for Interprofessional Continuing Education and Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education.

Highlighted CLPD Promotions and New Team Members

Andrew Perron

Graduate Medical Education welcomed Andrew Perron, MD, Professor of Emergency Medicine, as the new Designated Institutional Official for and Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education.

Highlighted CLPD Promotions and New Team Members

Melissa FussellSBER and The PSTC welcomed Melissa Fussell, MD, MBA as Medical Director.


As we look to the future, the Center for Learning and Professional Development has been actively working on a number of initiatives for FY22 that build upon the accomplishments of FY21. The list below follows the same set of themes and highlights some of these initiatives.

CNE Team


  • Phase 2 of the “Error Prevention/Culture of Safety” course redesign is well underway and includes feedback solicited from 1400 clinical and non-clinical staff regarding perceptions of psychological and patient safety.
  • Developing a mobile “app” to assist clinicians in making decisions about catheter related factors that impact infections. This is based on a decision algorithm developed by Dr. Jose Mercado and the infection prevention team. It will be a just-in-time decision support tool available on smart devices and the Intranet and via a QR code. A related toolkit is also under development.
  • Continue to roll out Kaltura Media Space creator licenses in order to enable D-H educators to capture, edit, and publish learning videos on their own. This allows better sourcing of content from subject matter experts and sharing of expertise across the organization.

Video Editing



  • The GMEC is partnering with D-H Clinical Chairs to address work compression as a systemic cultural issue for residents/fellows and faculty.


  • For the 2021-2022 recruitment season, the Virtual Interview Process team will continue to focus on branding, through website review and development, video creation, and revamped social media presence to assist GME programs with their recruitment efforts.


  • Facilitated Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credits to physicians on the following projects that are supported by the Susan & Richard Levy Health Care Delivery Incubator: Help Grows at Home, Outpatient IV Antibiotic and Addiction Therapy, and Accessible Individual Outpatient Diuresis.


  • In the Fall of 2020, we successfully placed over 200 nursing students: Practical Nurse (PN), Associates Degree (AD), Baccalaureate Degree (BS) and Masters Degree (MS) in a variety of clinical settings at DH to support nursing education at the point of care.
  • During the Spring of 2021, we successfully placed an additional 91 senior practicum students from 11 schools of nursing in their preferred clinical setting at DH along with 66 advanced practice provider (APP) students during the same time frame.
Deb Hastings
Debra Hastings, PhD, RN, NPD-BC
  • Debra Hastings, PhD, RN, NPD-BC, Director of Continuing Nursing Education (CNE), offered academic advisement/nursing career counseling to 255 DH employees in FY21.
  • Continuing to evaluate and enrich our partnership with area academic institutions. Significant curricular and operations support continues to be a priority for our main partners, Colby-Sawyer and Geisel. Support is being expanded to other programs beyond nursing at Colby-Sawyer. Additionally, major curricular redesigns related to simulation have been ongoing with Colby-Sawyer and Geisel. This increased support has also extended to assisting in the opening of new nursing and nurse practitioner programs throughout New Hampshire.
  • A training on how to disclose adverse events to patients and families was researched, developed and piloted during 2021 GME Orientation for Pediatrics and Internal Medicine residents. Work continues on operationalizing the experience so that it can be rolled out to all GME trainees.
  • Creating the Office of Advanced Practice to enhance and facilitate the professional growth, workforce development, leadership infrastructure and development, engagement, and contributions to the health care team for the close to 650 advanced practice providers throughout D-HH.


As you can see, much has been accomplished this year despite the challenges. We look forward to 2022 and another year supporting the work of our colleagues and learners here at D-HH.


For more information please email clpd.support@hitchcock.org or click on an image below to visit our websites: